The CrySyS Group

The CrySyS Group consists of the CrySyS Lab and its spin-off companies IT-SEC Expert and Ukatemi Technologies. The CrySyS Lab is focused on academic research and education in the field of IT security and privacy protection, IT-SEC Expert is focused on industry oriented research, training, and consulting in network and computer security, and Ukatemi Technologies provides cyber security services in a specific area, namely critical infrastructure protection against targeted attacks.

  The Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS Lab, spelling: [kri:sis]) carries out internationally recognized, high quality academic research on security and privacy in computer networks and systems. It also delivers university courses and laboratory exercises, and runs university student projects in the fields of network and system security, privacy, and cryptography. More information, including the description of research projects and publications of the CrySyS Lab, is available at  

  IT-SEC Expert is a non-profit research organization, focusing on industry oriented, practical research problems in the field of network and computer security. It also provides industry oriented IT security training and consulting services. IT-SEC Expert is a spin-off from the CrySyS Lab. More information is available at  

  Ukatemi Technologies was founded by members of the CrySyS Lab, with the mission of addressing the problems of targeted cyber attacks against critical infrastructures and industrial control systems. Ukatemi Technologies provides customized security services in the following areas: advanced monitoring, incident response, and malware threat intelligence. More information is available at